Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jill Auckenthaler

Jill, "the superhuman," is a visual artist and a singer while simultaneously coordinating high quality, free art classes for the underserved youth in NYC. Drawing from her digital calendar, she makes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, and sound pieces that explore her anxiety about time. From what I saw from her paintings, it seems as though Jill deals quite well with time. With each deliberate stroke, I was able follow Jill's thought process which oddly enough carried a different tone to each part of her day. Engulfed by the larger paintings, I found myself going through the motion of our days as an adult: wake up, eat, work, eat, rest. It may sound so mundane, but each colorful line somehow fills those particular moments of our day with purpose.

For more visual pleasure:
For musical entertainment:

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