Friday, January 21, 2011

Arboreal Census of Central Park, the beginning

Arboreal Census of Central Park, Tree #1

Inspired by an NYMag article ( that documented 23 notable trees in Central Park, Annie and I decided to take on art adventure, in which we locate all 23 trees, draw them and hopefully, share with you all at our spring exhibition.

We're starting with the trees located in upper Manhattan and will work our way downtown. Our very first tree, The New Grove, was located on E 103rd & 5th Ave. After an area near 103rd Street was stripped bare by the storm, Neil Calvanese, the CP Conservancy's VP of operations and all-around tree guru, saw a change to plant something he always wanted to try: a little grove of dawn redwoods, a.k.a Metasequoia glyptostroboides. They're beautiful trees, with delicate-looking needle-like leaves that have been seen in fossils that are about 50 million years old, and they can grow to 200 feet at maturity.

In hopes to share our adventure with our loved ones, we made holiday cards based on our very first drawings. Thank you, Annie, for introducing me to letter pressing!

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